ECOMOS (Roof/Wall moss system)

pix_eco01Plant with a strong life force [Moss] material greening system

Now that reducing CO2 emmission to prevent global warming has become a major issue, making use of Moss, a low maintence, low cost economic, greening effect material is expected to have environmental measures. In Roofs/walls that have been planted in Ekomosu, temperature rises are suppressed and heat island phenomenon is mitigated.
In addition, Ecomoss is our own greening construction method and does not use soil so roof/wall planting does not require irrigation.



Ecomos® is ‘a lightweight moss layer system’ without soil.

As moss (Ecomos®) has a unique growing method it can cultivated using a non-soil cultivation sheet, making it more lightweight.

No irrigation, low maintenance

Moss does not require watering or fertilization [no irrigation, low maintenance] as plants can retain as much as 20 times its own weight in water. There is moisture so watering, fertilizing, weeding, maintenance such as trimming is almost unnecessary.

Ecomos® low cost and economic.

Compared to other rooftop greening systems such as grass or sedum, the construction of a building frame to withstand the weight of the soil (turf 50-80kg/m2) is unnecessary. The laying of soil and installation of irrigation equipment is also not required reducing costs and construction time.

Construction Methods

Ecomos (moss system for roof/walls), can be installed according to location, purpose and budget. There are a variety of possible construction methods [rooftop pallet construction method], [free style method of construction], [roof folded-plate roof construction method], [wall construction method] etc.
Please feel free to contact our personnel for professional advice.

Rooftop pallet construction method


Free style method of construction


Wall construction method