Ultra-high strength concrete

pix01Resource stock-type, full circulation concrete

E-Crete supports and recommends ‘resource stock-type full circulation concrete’.Repeated regeneration can replace the limestone resources in a structure. The mined limestone once used in concrete, exists as an above ground limestone resource which without any amendment can be used as 100% raw material for cement.




As we artificially (mechanically) granulate the shape is stable and supply is virtually unlimited.

During ready-mixed concrete

The impressive separation resistance makes the concrete very good to pump.

After curing

・Drying shrinkage is small. (Architectural Institute of report)
・Purity is high; there is no worry of alkali-aggregate reaction.
 (Low activation concrete).
・Coefficient of thermal expansion (linear expansion coefficient) is small.
・Blackish color tones.
・Compared with concrete with other minerals the strength is stable.
・Density is consistent in the range of all the granularity of the total aggregate.

After demolition

After concrete is demolished it can become a raw material for cement.
The amount of CO2 generated at that time will be able to be reduced by ≒ 15% compared to using the usual raw materials.