Paso Garden(Lightweight layered greening system)

pix_paso01By its lightweight, low cost, maintenance, simple construction roof greening to alleviate heat island phenomenon.

Paso Garden is a low-management type of thin layer greening system which hardly needs maintenance.
Energy efficiency is demonstrated by its excellent water retention capacity due to its own layering which suppresses roof and wall surface temperatures. Moreover, because it can be installed even in a narrow space, until now people who could not have a garden can enjoy cultivating full-fledged kitchen gardens and flower beds.
Paso Garden is nature-friendly green roof system. It is light and has excellent thermal insulation effects, and is mostly made of recycled materials and also easily constructed.


pix_paso02● Lightweight while having excellent water retention.
● Excellent thermal insulation effectiveness.
● Garden can also installed in a narrow space.
● Mostly made of recycled materials.

Water retention and weight relationship, the insulation effect (standard system)

pix_paso03Drainage performance of the system (drainage protection mat) is 0.6 / sec/cm or more

Even if rain of 100mm in one hour falls on a rooftop Paso Garden , if there is about 47cm of drainage mat of the cross section, all water can be drained.

Insulation structure

pix_paso05● Auxiliary drainage cushion material
Due to Glass-fibre foam plate’s protective and gap formation system cuts thermal conduction.

● Thermal water retention glass-fibre foam plate
Using glass scrap material as a raw material, specific gravity becomes 0.4, it is light enough to float on water.
In addition, because of internal air bubbles, a high thermal insulation effect can be obtained. Those air bubbles foamed continuously, so water is retained in them.

● Vertical drainage joint mat
Use a drainage protection mat. Placing this mat around the fibre-glass plate as a joint material, will create vertical drainage and will protect the plate as well as help the plate to retain and release water.

● Kenaf Pet Mat
Use 50% recycled fiber of PET bottles and 50% kenaf of which is used and has became waste material. Prevent the outflow of soil. In addition also serves as a water-retaining material.

● Lightweight organic potting
t is a formulated design for rooftop greening. Other than perlite, all organic matter is lightweight as well as water retentive.
Excess water drainage is high by mixing a large type of soil particle size such as Kanuma red earth. Consideration has been made for the scattering.

Installation process