The characteristics of Porous Concrete, especially the four main characteristics “permeability”, “water retention,” “sound-absorption” and “design” create comfortable living environments solving familiar and serious problems of urban living

Water Permeability

pix_point01Amazing water permeability properties for sudden heavy rain/heavy rain flood control measures (drainage).

Porous concrete’s high water permeability is amazing. For example, the water from a water cannon truck disappears momentarily.

Sudden heavy rain in recent years has increased and has caused serious damage to urban areas. In particular, in the case of normal asphalt, sudden heavy or prolonged rain does not penetrate into the ground causing flooding to houses and roads.

Sudden heavy rainfall is closely related to environmental changes and it is considered that on a world scale it will continue to occur more frequently in the future. For this reason measures are urgently sought.

The miracle of porous concrete is it prevents urban flooding caused by sudden heavy rain.

Hydraulic Conductivity of the Multi-layer Porous Concrete

Relationship of hydraulic conductivity coefficient and total porosity

pix_point02In the evaluation of water permeability (drainage) hydraulic conductivity is employed. From the coefficient of permeability and total porosity investigation findings the high permeability of porous concrete has been proven.
A proportional relationship can be seen between porosity and the hydraulic conductivity coefficient.
Porosity of 25-30%, compressive strength of 10-15/mm2 and hydraulic conductivity coefficient of 1-3cm/s characteristic properties of ECRETE have been achieved.

Hydraulic conductivity coefficient(JCI)

The ease of flow of the water in the concrete is shown; it indicates that the greater the value the more likely the water flow is.