About Porous Concrete

Porous concrete, also known as water-permeable concrete is used in a variety of buildings and is attracting attention as it solves many modern day environmental problems; such as water permeability (drainage), water retention, sound absorption (high sound deadening quality), heat island prevention/sudden heavy rain/noise control measures.
In addition, E-CRETE in collaboration with Mie University has developed multilayered porous concrete with high standard design capabilities.

Four Main Properties of Porous Concrete

Basic Structure of Multi-layer Porous Concrete


The surface layer of multi-layer porous concrete is made up of natural gravel and a resin binder (transparent). Because the surface layer can unconventionally be made-to-order, it can be designed to suit a variety of applications and purposes. Various problems of concrete structures can be improved and resolved by using porous concrete in construction. For further consultation please contact ECRETE.

Porous Concrete Environmental Improvements

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