The characteristics of Porous Concrete, especially the four main characteristics “permeability”, “water retention,” “sound-absorption” and “design” create comfortable living environments solving familiar and serious problems of urban living


pix_point11ECrete multi-layer porous concrete High Standard of Excellent Design

In multi-layer porous concrete it is possible to customize the surface with a wide variety of materials (natural stone, soil system, gravel, natural grass, artificial turf).
In addition, porous concrete in combination with natural grass, Zhang stone (natural stone), brick, and secondary products (block, tile, etc.), it is possible to design a landscape that is compatible with both Japanese and Western styles.
Also because of its easy construction around installed housing fixtures, curves and ramps, and slopes it can be taken advantage in a variety of environments from living spaces to station promenades to public spaces. In particular it can be used to brighten parking areas, which often tend to have poor design.
Furthermore, from its high water permeability and water retention, if it is used around buildings/approaches even when rain splashes (hits) external walls they don’t get dirty. It also prevents scratches on shoes from gravel, and as it doesn’t contain soil footwear doesn’t get dirty.
In addition, it becomes possible to supply water to the surrounding trees and flower beds and weeding and maintenance work can be significantly reduced.
Porous concrete’s high standard of excellent design and maintenance reduction characteristics make comfortable living spaces and environment.

Surface Layer Material Choices

Core Sample


Surface material sample