Product Introduction

ECrete offers two types of porous concrete.
Our professional staff are on hand to consult and assist you in choosing porous concrete to suit your location, environment and purpose. Please contact us.

Multi-layer porous concrete

Base-layer of porous concrete with natural stone on the surface layer type.
Natural stone, offers a variety of variations in color and size, and can be produced to made-to-order. To meet your needs, purpose and style, the design of the structure can be customized.

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Single-layer porous concrete

Single-layer is the structure with only porous concrete as the base layer. Even with a single base layer the characteristics of porous concrete can be made use of to maximize product design and costs can be significantly reduced.

Pouring procedure(multi-layer porous concrete.)

Introduction of the pouring procedure of standard drainage pipe installation type of multi-layer porous concrete.
From the development of optimum products for your location, purpose and budget, from pouring, construction to after-sales maintenance, we offer an integrated system of skilled professionals.