The characteristics of Porous Concrete, especially the four main characteristics “permeability”, “water retention,” “sound-absorption” and “design” create comfortable living environments solving familiar and serious problems of urban living

Sound Absorbency

pix_point08Noise problems of the urban environment are reduced due to high sound absorbing properties.

Porous concrete because of its porous structure has a sound-absorbing/sound deadening effect on noise.

Neighborhood noise is one of the environmental issues in cities. Now that environmental tranquility consciousness has arisen, solutions to urban noise have become important issues.

If porous concrete is used in floors and walls of buildings, road surfaces, etc., outside noises generated from road surfaces, interior air-conditioning and ventilation systems, garages and store parking lots noise would be reduced. Porous concrete can reduce environmental noise in the urban area.

Sound-Absorbing Properties of the Multi-layer Porous Concrete

Measurement of sound absorption effects in a reverberation room

pix_point09Porous concrete, because of its permeability (with air gap inside), has a sound absorbing effect on noise.
For blocks as used in floors and walls of buildings, an effect to absorb the noise can be expected.
In experiments, 30-50% noise reduction has been found in sounds 500-2000Hz.

Measurement of sound absorption effects in the reverberation room